The HomePro ranges are professional strength cleaners, now available to the domestic market. The range currently includes:-




AsterKleen is a fast acting, non-abrasive stain and scale remover, ideal for use on acrylic sinks and surfaces. It will remove persistent and stubborn stains, leaving the treated area sparkling and clean.





Descalite is a heavy duty descaler that removes limescale quickly and effectively from equipment such as kettles, steam irons, coffee makers and shower heads.





Drainmaster is powerful, fast-acting drain cleaner, ideal for use in sinks, drains, shower trays and traps, as well as toilets and floor drains. Its specially blended formulation will quickly digest and remove scale, hair and organic matter, leaving the drain clean, free-flowing and efficient.





Lift-Off is a powerful, fast-acting stain and scale remover, ideal for use on baths, showers, sinks, bidets and toilets. It will remove persistent drip marks and hard water deposits, leaving treated areas clean and stain free.